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Canon Pixma Pro 200 for Cricut Print and Cut

The Canon Pixma Pro 200 is a high-performance photo printer designed to meet the needs of professional photographers and advanced crafters. With its exceptional color accuracy and wide media support, it’s an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their Cricut Print and Cut projects.

Canon PIXMA PRO-200

Print Quality and Performance

The Pixma Pro 200 boasts a remarkable print resolution of up to 4800 x 2400 dpi, ensuring that your prints are sharp, vibrant, and detailed. It uses an 8-color dye-based ink system that produces stunning color reproduction and smooth gradients, making it perfect for intricate designs and vivid prints.

Compatibility with Cricut

Seamless integration with Cricut Design Space is a major plus for the Pixma Pro 200. This printer supports a wide range of media types, including glossy photo paper, matte paper, and specialty crafting materials. This versatility allows Cricut users to print on the exact media they need for their projects.

Media Handling and Versatility

One of the standout features of the Pixma Pro 200 is its ability to handle various media sizes up to 13” x 39”. This is particularly beneficial for large-format prints and panoramic designs. The printer supports borderless printing, which is ideal for creating professional-looking posters and banners.

Cost Efficiency

While the initial cost of the Pixma Pro 200 is on the higher side, the quality of prints and the efficiency of the 8-color ink system justify the investment. The ink tanks are individually replaceable, which helps manage ongoing costs by only replacing the colors that run out.

Ease of Use and Connectivity

The Pixma Pro 200 is designed with user convenience in mind. It features a 3.0-inch LCD display for easy navigation and setup. The printer offers multiple connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB, as well as compatibility with mobile printing solutions like Canon PRINT, Apple AirPrint, and Mopria.

Durability and Reliability

Canon’s reputation for building durable and reliable printers is well reflected in the Pixma Pro 200. It’s built to handle frequent use, making it a dependable choice for both home crafters and small business owners. Canon also provides excellent customer support and a comprehensive warranty, adding to the printer’s overall value.

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Pros and Cons


  • Exceptional print quality with high resolution and vibrant colors.
  • Wide media handling up to 13” x 39”.
  • Borderless printing capability.
  • Seamless integration with Cricut Design Space.
  • Multiple connectivity options for ease of use.


  • Higher initial cost compared to standard home printers.
  • The dye-based ink system may not be as long-lasting as pigment-based inks for certain projects.
  • Larger footprint requires more space.


The Canon Pixma Pro 200 is a top choice for crafters and small business owners who need professional-grade prints for their Cricut projects. Its high print quality, media versatility, and ease of use make it an invaluable tool for creating stunning designs. While the initial investment is higher, the superior output and reliable performance make it a worthwhile addition to any crafting setup.


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